Maps of Barton and Tredworth

The first two maps, dating from 1842, were created to illustrate the area covered by the parish Church of St James, before All Saints parish was created.  The original maps are available to view at Gloucestershire Archives under the reference number P154/8/IN3/1.



The following two maps were both published by John Jennings, the printers and publishers based at City Works in Alfred St.  The first, black and white, map dates from 1895.  It shows various locations in Tredworth, including St James’ Church and Tredworth Board Schools.  Note that half of what we now call Tredworth High St is named Barton Terrace.  The Archives’ reference for this map is SR Prints/GL65/23.


The colour map below is from 1900.  It shows Tredworth High St as one long road, rather than becoming Barton Terrace at the junction with Howard St, although this junction still marks the division between the Lower Barton and Tredworth electoral wards.  The wards are distinguished by the colouring and red numbers.  The wards are as follows:

  • 4  Alington
  • 5  South
  • 6  Southend
  • 7  Barton
  • 8  Lower Barton
  • 9  Tredworth
  • 25.jpg

You can search Gloucestershire Archives’ online catalogue to find out more about the items held at the Archives.

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