My younger years.

The room I was born in.
Moor St house.

I was born at 208 Barton St in 1944 and lived here until I was 13. We had the accommodation behind and above the shop in Barton St.  The back entrance opened into a large square area full of storage buildings; the one right by me was a slaughter house.  Many a time we had to get past a large bull tethered outside.  Then we moved to Moor St, Tredworth until I was 17.  Then my Mum and Dad bought a large house in Bristol Rd where she ran a elderly ladies nursing home.

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  • Hi, my name is Kathleen Arch nee Greenwood, was always called by my second name which is Jean. The top photo is picture of back entrance to 208 Barton St, where I was born and lived until the age of 14. it has altered a lot since I lived there, I think the second photo is of outing of customers of Ye Old Robinhood Hopewell St. My dad is the tall one at the back, Arthur Greenwood (Lofty) my mum is center front Kathleen Greenwood. She played cribbage for the pub for many years and was the only lady in the team.

    By Jean Arch (04/11/2018)
  • Many thanks again for these memories. Again it’d be great to know who you are. Also can you confirm the relevance to you of the building in the top photo please? Also, do you know what occasion is being marked in the 2nd photo, and are you able to identify any of the people in it? Thanks very much!

    By Paul Evans (02/10/2018)

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