Memories of St James' Church and Vicarage in the 1960s

In this short film, Margie Williams recalls her memories of Tredworth in the 1960s. At that time, she says, “the area was much more self-contained, much like a village” and that, then, some of the older residents could remember it as having open fields.

In the summer, she remembers the vicarage being taken over for the village fete and that some years they would hire a roundabout that would be “wound by hand”, as well as country dancing.

Later in the year, school children would come to collect “obblies” or “obbly ‘onkers” (the local words for “conkers”) from the Horse Chestnut tree in their garden.

When the new year would come round, the Good Friday service at St James’ church would end with the congregation having a “hot hot cross bun from Sparkes’ bakery”. You can listen to Phil Sparkes’ memories of the bakery in the 1960s and the work that went into making the hot cross buns here.

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  • I was a choir boy in the very early 60s and remember playing in the field at the back of the vicarage. The Vicar at the time was the Reverend Philip Hobbs and I am sure that is him in the Video clips. He was a wonderful man and did a lot for the community

    By Malcolm Carpenter (11/02/2020)

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