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Hi I’m currently looking into my family history and was wondering if you could help me. I’m trying to learn about the shop my Auntie Elizabeth (Betty) owned who was married to Harold, possible surnames either Stallard or King? It was a cycle repair shop which also sold prams, the store was open in 1960s/70s/80s? I vaguely remember the shop being on a steep hill with a possibility of it also being on the high street? I appreciate that this a difficult find with little details given, therefore I am grateful for any insight you maybe able to give me.  Many Thanks, Ann

I’ve checked the 1974 Kelly’s street Directory for Gloucester, and the only cycle repair shop noted in the Barton & Tredworth area is T G Hall’s, which traded at 25/27 Barton St, so not on a steep hill!
Can anyone provide Ann with more information?  Please leave a comment below if you can.

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  • My surname is King, my grandads surname was also King. His stepdad was Stallard. Harold and Ethel Stallard, (maybe King) owned the toy shop on Tredworth High Street. I can remember visiting it once or twice, I can remember bikes and prams and also lots of toys. I’m pretty certain it’s where the chip shop is now. (19 High street).

    By SARAH King (11/06/2019)
  • In addition to my comments below regarding the shop that Ann is inquiring about. As you walked from Howard Street towards the Post Office and on up to the Greengrocer on the corner of either Carmathen or Dynevor Street, if you turned and looked across the road, there is or was the Pet Shop on the corner opposite and next to that was the double fronted shop that Ann is referring to.
    I am surprised if there are not any photos of it somewhere, perhaps in the Gloucestershire Archives or the main Library itself as the High Street was one of the main streets for the Tredworth walking race.
    The shop itself was laid out in a L shape fashion as the counter was opposite the door as you entered. Children’s games were to the right. Then to the left was garden games followed by small equipment or children’s accessories and up on the wall was hung children’s scooters. Towards the middle and rear of the shop was the dolls prams, small tricycles, Pushchairs for toddlers to sit in and children’s bikes. There may have been an odd mans or ladies bike on display as well but what was in stock was locked away outside.

    By Suzanne Turley (15/02/2019)
  • I know exactly the shop that Ann is referring to but unfortunately cannot remember the name above the shop.
    I do however remember going there and purchasing small games and toys as presents but I mainly remember buying a fold up pushchair from there when my then expensive one collapsed one day as I crossed over Howard Street. They were a godsend and lovely people.

    By Suzanne Turley (14/02/2019)
  • I lived in Falter Street from the late 1940’s until 1960. There was a small cycle shop going down high street from Falkner Street on the left hand side before a slight incline up to Tredworth Road and the school on the right.
    Morses the bakers were at the top end of Falkner Street and they also made scrummy dough cakes that I got for a teacher at Hatherley Infants most weeks.In Upton Lane we took blackberries we had picked to a building by the church and got a few pence and they then went to St Catherine Street I believe to make jam.

    By Alan elliott (04/10/2018)

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