Barton St. mid 50s

During the mid fifties there were 7 butchers in Barton St plus a slaughterhouse.
There was Philpotts, just by Bagnalls, Ted Tingle on the corner of Hopewell St., then there were 3 between Hopewell St. and Stratton Rd., namely L.C.M later to become Baxter’s , Waites was opposite the post office, and Sterrys almost next door to Beaulys radio and TV shop, Poole Bros.  On the corner next door to what is the Jack of Clubs Pub opposite was the Pawnbroker Shelton’s, farther down on that side was Debbie’s just past the Labour club . Opposite was the Cafe Continental. There was a record shop close by to Pooles and not forgetting The Barton Press who also had a stall in Eastgate Market. Harry Cole (famous for his fish and chips), Tom Goddard with his furniture shop , Archie Smith TV and Radio , sorry I forgot one butchers it was the Co op opposite to Stratton Rd who sold fresh fish there also.  Barclays Bank had a branch there by Marchants the Chemist, Mr. Fletcher was the chief Clerk there.  The Police Station was originally in Hopewell St., Sgt Ryland was in Charge . Alfred Hurran the florist , Cantillion the shoe repair man just inside Derby Rd., and  Goodwins the Undertakers.  So as you can see in those days you could get all your shopping and services i.e. banking and 2 Post offices in the Barton and High St. area.

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  • Does anyone know anything about a gentlemen Sid (Syd) Teague who had a fruit and veg shop in Barton Street . We think it was the 1930-1940 s but not sure of date

    By Sarah (30/11/2023)
  • My parents (and grandparents before them) had the greengrocer shop (Howells, 211 Barton Street) in beween Marchants Chemist and Barclays Bank. The shop was in the family from the early 1950’s (I believe) until the mid 1980’s or thereabouts. Interesting to read the names of some of the shops – I remember most of them! My favourite was Brint’s Toy Shop a couple of doors down from us. My Great Uncle (Mr Roberts) had the tobacconists and sweet shop directly opposite our fruit and veg shop. I was born in 1957, so my early memories of the street would be from the early 1960’s.

    By Gordon Howells (19/05/2023)
  • My name is Tony Burford & I was actually born at 225 Barton street which was next to the vicarage, but now the police station I believe? My grandparents that owned the house were Tom & Alice Sharpe. I lived there until I was 7 years old when we moved to Matson. I used to go to Widden Street juniors until I was 11 & then went to Central Technical High School at Cotswold Road

    By Tony Burford (23/10/2022)
  • I was born at 208 Barton St, our only entrance was into Hopewell St. Ours was right opposite the slaughter house and mine and my sisters bedroom overlooked it. We would get woken up by the poor pigs squealing as they were waiting for their demise. Also every so often there would be a large bullock/cow ringed up outside and we would have to walk sideways to get past them.

    By kathleen arch (22/07/2020)

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