Sparkes Bakery on Ryecroft Street Gloucester

Hi everyone, this is just a note for you that use Facebook. I have created a Facebook  page about the history of Sparkes Bakery. I see a few local people have already shown interest in this page.  I hope some of you might like to check this out.

Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in the history of Sparkes Bakery.  We have also had a lot of interest shown on the Facebook page. If anyone who uses Facebook, could let us know how they found out about our Facebook page, this will help our research into how things are progressing.

Many thanks, Phil Sparkes  (Grandson).


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  • OMG Sparkes !! The best !! Takes me back to my childhood !!
    Quite simply the best bakery ever, I am going over to the facebook page now !!
    I lived on regent street just round the corner
    Pure love for the place !.

    By Wayne Davis (18/10/2019)
  • Sparkes bakery had the best dripping cakes ever, they used to deliver to Comptons factory in Derby Road and we used to fight over who would get the corner ones.  I was gutted when they shut.

    By Janette Salisbury (19/04/2014)

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