Brian Mince

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Brian Mince 1

Brian introduces himself and summarises his early life

Brian Mince 2

Brian describes his parents' house in Chequers Road

Brian Mince 3

Brian remembers Hatherley Road Infants School, including having the shingles

Brian Mince 4

Further memories of Hatherley Road School, including taking part in school plays, and Brian's memories of his subsequent school career

Brian Mince 5

Brian discusses the differences between the Central Secondary Technical and Commercial Schools

Brian Mince 6

Further memories of Hatherley Infants School lead into recollections of air raid shelters and a barrage balloon on Eastern Avenue

Brian Mince 7

Brian remembers the sound of the bombers, and also the Americans stationed at the Reservoir camp

Brian Mince 8

Brian remembers leading a normal life during wartime, but also having a lodger billeted with his family

Brian Mince 9

Brian remembers finding a shell while clearing out his parents' coal bunker after the War

Brian Mince 10

Brian's memories of the pubs which no longer exist in the area, particularly the Chequers

Memories of wartime in Chequers Road and at Hatherley Infants School

By Paul Evans

In conversation with Ollie Taylor, Brian remembers his early life, particularly recounting stories of being at school during World War 2.  He is one of 7 siblings, and was born in a cottage on the corner of Hatherley Road, by the old Oak pub, which he remembers, on 27 April 1937.  The family soon moved to a Council house in Chequers Road, which he describes.  Brian spent his school life at Hatherley Infants School, St James' Primary, and then the Central Secondary Technical School.  Leaving school in 1952 he then became an apprentice photographer for Fielding & Platt.  He stayed there until 1974 and many of his photographs of staff and events can be found on the Fielding & Platt website (  In 1974 Brian left to work as a photographer for the Citizen, and he still lives in Tredworth.  The photograph shows Brian at work for Fielding & Platt in the late 1950s.

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