Gail Johnson: Chair of the St Ann Society

Introduction of St. Ann society

Gail Johnson introduces herself as the Chair of the St Ann Society and tells us a little bit about the Society and when it was founded.


Gail tells us about the projects that the Society is involved with and how they fulfil needs of schools in the parish of St Ann in Jamaica.

Twin cities between Jamaica and Britain

A little history of why the Society is twinned with St Ann

Types of events

Gail explains the numerous events that the St Ann Society organises to get people out and bring them together.

Based in All Nations Community Centre in Gloucester

By Chris Moore

Gail Johnson is the Chair of the St Ann Society. The St Ann Society organises numerous events with the purposes of fundraising and getting people out and bringing them together. These events include: dinner dances, quiz and bingo nights, concert trips, and even cricket matches. St Ann has their own cricket team that play against a Birmingham team annually. Gail tells us that the events are about having fun with a purpose.

During these events, members of the society also inform people what the St Ann Society is all about which they do through various media such as slideshows. They also visit schools in the area, and as a result, some of these have also become twinned with other schools in Jamaica.

If you are interested in finding out more about the St Ann Society, you can visit their website at:

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