Valerie May

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Valerie May 1

In this clip, Valerie recalls some of the wartime meals her mother used to make.

Valerie May 2

Valerie remembers her school days in Tredworth.

Valerie May 3

Memories of the air raid shelter at school.

Valerie May 4

In this clip, Valerie recounts her memories of her father, and his return home after the war.

Valerie May 5

Recollections of how Valerie would visit the cinema and play with friends.

Melbourne Street, Wartime gardens, & The Hatherley Works

By Ollie Taylor

In this short Digital Story, Valerie describes some of her photographs of wartime Tredworth.  The focus is often on the many gardens she knew as a child growing up in Melbourne Street during the war.  She also tells us about her mother and aunts' war work at The Hatherley Works, clothing rationing, and about the annual Turkey Dance held at the Guildhall, where the winners took home the "very enticing" prize of a turkey.

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