A Day in the Lives of the parishes of St James and Christchurch

A piece of writing created from parishioners' real memories

By Paul Evans

The St James' Community Heritage project launched successfully to an audience of parishioners and invited guests at the Church on the evening of Friday 25 July.  As St James is a united benefice with the parish of Christchurch, parishioners from Christchurch were also present.

Prior to the launch members of both congregations had shared their memories of living in their respective areas with Anna Lawrence Pietroni, who will soon be finishing a stint as Writer in residence at the University of Gloucestershire.  Anna is a published author (you can see her Amazon page here) and her speciality is creative writing.  From the memories shared with her, Anna created the piece of prose attached below, which she read for the first time at the launch.  Because various people contributed memories, and because their memories covered events over a wide range of years, the piece does not attempt to follow a strictly chronological sequence, and everyone is identified only as "you".  I'm sure that the people who attended the launch were all able to recognise themselves in Anna's writing though.

You can also listen to Anna reading her piece on this page.


Day in Lives of Parishes of S James & Christchurch
Day in Lives of Parishes of S James & Christchurch (491k)
Anna's piece of creative writing

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